Hey! My name is Andrei

This is the right place to get in touch with me. I wanted to make it easier for us to do business together so I separated the services I offer in three simple categories:

  • Help!

    Are you stuck in a session that's almost there but you don't seem to find the magic touch? Is edition time killing your inspiration? Do you need someone to help you time align drums or tune all kinds of vocals? Melodyne, Auto-Tune, Beat Detective, Waves Tune, Vocalign, IZotope Rx. Do you need programmed instruments or a real guitar track? Maybe a funky electric bass? Fresh ear! Fast communication!

  • Mixing and Mastering

    Are you in need of a mixing engineer? Are you an artist in need of a music producer? Need a co-producer? Need an artistic remix or a custom beat? Got my own studio and my own schedule. One time fee, a little negotiation and we'll work together until we are both 100% happy.

  • Full Time!

    Got a great idea and money?